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It all began in 1991 when a local bookkeeper working for an Accountant started offering bookkeeping services to other CPA's and Accounting firms. Soon her passion for accuracy and attention to details caught on with other CPA's and before long she had more work than she could handle.

Then in the early 2000's a second partner with 15 years experience in payroll processing joined the team. She added payroll to their list of services which seem like a natural fit . The Accountants liked the idea because they did not want to process payroll themselves and end up referring out the payroll anyway .

The two worked for several dozen large and small CPA firms processing payroll and providing bookkeeping services until 2012 when a third partner who specializes in Sales & Marketing came on board .

The three still offers Payroll Processing and Bookkeeping Services for CPA's but under their own brand and work mostly from the CPA's office location . This provides the clients one location for their Payroll, Bookkeeping and Tax Services . Since the Payroll and Bookkeeping is already being processed it just seems natural to also offer Tax Services.

When clients have questions regarding taxes the CPA in the office is the perfect person to answer those questions and of course when it comes to tax season we always recommend our CPA partner within our office locations .

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